The Frozen Tundra 

  • Added new Frozen Tundra continent
  • Entrance located in the northern area of Eastern Frontier, or via teleport tower


Housing Zones


  • Housing in Frozen Tundra will be disabled at launch to allow players time to familiarize themselves with the new region and scout out potential housing locations.
  • Housing will be opened in a “Land Rush” format that will be announced at a later date and allow maximum player participation.


Magical Item Drops

  • All monsters in the Frozen Tundra have a chance to drop randomly generated magical items, these items are less powerful than high end player crafted items. 
  • The number of enchants and their values are based on the difficulty of the monster that drops them.


New Awakening & Dynamic Spawns

  • Dynamic spawn encounters can be found at the following locations;
    • Hot Springs
    • Grave Lake
    • Everfrost Caverns
  • A new awakening has been added within the Frozen Tundra.
    • Venture to the coliseum in the Ancient City and test your might against the Champion of Azura.


Aggro Adjustments 

  • Adjustments have been made to aggro generation for healers and bards.
    • Healing a player will cause the healer to generate aggro on all enemies the healed player is in combat with at a 3:1 ratio. (ie. Healing 300 hit points will generate 100 aggro.)
    • Bard Song of Water, Song of Earth, and Song of Thew will now generate aggro on all enemies that affected players are in combat with. Aggro generated is based on the regeneration rate of the song.
  • Bard songs and heals will now correctly place players on the aggro list for enemies that distribute loot at the end of a fight. ( Awakening bosses and World bosses )
  • Monsters using the advanced AI will no longer reset their aggro when a target dies or becomes invalid, as long as another valid target is within range of their starting location.
  • The leash range (how far a monster will chase you) has been increased for many enemies.


New Tamables 

  • New tamables have been added in the Frozen Tundra. Many are balanced to fill skill gain and power vacuums that existed in current tamables.
    • Polar Bear
    • Arctic Wolf
    • Arctic Howler
    • Seal
    • Snow Hare
    • Snow Leopard
    • Prowler
    • Walrus
    • Ice Wyvern
    • Werecrab


Manifestation/Evocation Merge 

  • Evocation and Manifestation have been merged into a single skill “Magery”.
  • If a player had Manifestation or Evocation previously, the higher of the two will be set as their Magery skill. The lower of the two skills will be issued as a Magery Soulstone.


New Profession Quests 

Profession quests for journeyman, master, and grandmaster have been added for the following profession types.

  • Bard
  • Tamer
  • Miner
  • Lumberjack
  • Fisher
  • Scribe
  • Chef


New Profession Traits 

  • Added Traits for new professions, which will award bonuses for completing their respective quest tiers.
  • Cooking bonuses
    • Journeyman: 5% bonus to food effects.
    • Master: 10% bonus to food effects.
    • Grandmaster: 15% bonus to food effects.
  • Alchemy bonuses
    • Journeyman: 10% bonus to potion effects.
    • Master: 30% bonus to potion effects.
    • Grandmaster: 50% bonus to potion effects.
  • Inscription
    • Journeyman: 30% reduction in scroll cast penalty, %5 damage bonus to scrolls.
    • Master: 60% reduction in scroll cast penalty, %10 damage bonus to scrolls.
    • Grandmaster: 100% reduction in scroll cast penalty, %15 damage bonus to scrolls.
  • Lumberjacking
    • Journeyman: 5% increase to slashing/lancing damage.
    • Master: 10% increase to slashing/lancing damage.
    • Grandmaster: 15% increase to slashing/lancing damage.
  • Mining
    • Journeyman: 5% increase to bashing/piercing damage.
    • Master: 10% increase to bashing/piercing damage.
    • Grandmaster: 15% increase to bashing/piercing damage.


New Prestige Abilities 

  • Bard Journeyman abilities
    • Trickster’s Footing: Removes movement penalty when playing an instrument. [Passive]
    • Trickster’s Psalm: Songs can be played to 50% effectiveness without an instrument equipped.  [Passive]
  • Bard Master abilities
    • Resounding Echoes: Removes and prevents movement impairing effects for 10 seconds. (5 minute cooldown)
    • Resounding Drums: Removes and prevents bleed, mortal strike, and poison effects for 10 seconds. (5 minute cooldown)
  • Bard Grandmaster abilities
    • Yurin’s Lullaby: Puts target to sleep for 10 seconds. Any damage taken will wake the target. (5 minute cooldown)
    • Azura’s Blessing: Instantly resurrects, a recently deceased, target to full health and mana. (20 minute cooldown)
  • Tamer Journeyman abilities
    • Nature’s Focus: All pets gain 50% increase movement speed for 10 seconds. (1 minute cooldown)
    • Nature’s Grace: All pets are immune to stun and mortal strike. (Passive)
  • Tamer Master abilities
    • Primal Rage: All pets gain 50% increased damage for 10 seconds. (3 minute cooldown)
    • Primal Fury: All pets take 50% less physical and magical damage for 10 seconds. (3 minute cooldown)
  • Tamer Grandmaster abilities
    • Fauna’s Rest: All pets are restored to full health and become invulnerable for 5 seconds. (5 minute cooldown)


Vitality Revamp 

  • Vitality will now provide a boost to base player stats (Health, Mana, Stamina) depending on how much vitality the player has remaining
    • 76-100% Vitality provides 10% bonus to base stat pools
    • 51-75% Vitality provides 5% bonus to base stat pools
    • 25-50% Vitality provides 2% bonus to base stat pools
    • 0-24% Vitality provides no bonus
  • Bards will now gain vitality while they are playing (Q) their instrument.


Classic Content Revamp 

  • Revamped Catacombs to make it 5-man friendly. 
  • Adjusted Ent awakening to be accessible to 5-man groups.
  • Adjusted Dragon awakening to be accessible to 5-man groups.
  • Added Master/Grandmaster bard book to Ent and Cultist awakening bosses.


Other Fixes 

  • Sorcerer pets will no longer target group members unless both the sorcerer and group member are consenting to hostilities.
  • Sorcerer beam now correctly requires line of sight to hit targets.
  • Sorcerer Wisp Armor will now only trigger its cooldown if wisps are consumed.
  • Objects can no longer be placed outside the bounds of a plot. 
  • Fixed issue with Bard songs and riddles, this will require players to re-create any hotbar song/riddle assignments.
  • On The Run duration reduced to 5 minutes and players with “On The Run” cannot teleport between regions.
  • Fixed issue where players and NPCs could get stuck while completing the Colossal Misha event. 
  • Fixed Founders Masks not displaying properly as a mask over armor.