Legends of Aria Worlds is an open and moddable platform that allows creators to build unique experiences powered by the MMORPG technology that runs Legends of Aria.

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Active LoA Worlds Servers

Shards of Brittania (website)

COMPLETE MOD – Aims to create some of the best parts from early eras of Ultima Online while also adding additional flavor and quality of life features. PVP mechanics are purely “T2A era” inspired

Legend of the Rings (website)

No skillcap, 450 statcap, repairs, no permanent death for pets. Join us now and start with 320 skillpoints, 3 plat, a pet statue and resources.

Become a LoA Worlds Modder

The LoA Worlds program is available for anyone with a standalone Legends of Aria account and a Citizen’s Pass. Join the LoA Worlds discord to get started!