Thank you all for the feedback and bugtesting. We have released our latest patch with the following changes.

Published 09/29/2016



  • Alchemy recipes reshuffled and revised.
  • Recipes reshuffled.
  • Crafting gains increased greatly.
  • Can craft items from the hotbar.
  • Harvesting no longer freezes you.
  • Fix crafting system double creating items when your pack is full.
  • Added missing stalwart and robust versions of leather helm.
  • Salvage values fixed.
  • ‘Iron ingots from scraps’ added.

Quest & Tasks:

  • Removed ‘Observe a sermon’ step of the Catacombs start quest.
  • You can now enter the Catacombs without doing the start quest.
  • Aegis no longer gives out infinite letters.
  • Fixed 3 NPC tasks.
  • Alien founders quest now progresses.
  • Head miner exploit squashed.
  • Monolith quest objects disabled.


  • Players will now auto release after a period of time.
  • Minimum Hit Chance updated to 30%.
  • Ambience buffed.


  • Can target opposing allegiance with PvP flag turned off.
  • Criminal system now checks to see if you’re in a group/guild.
  • PvP Flag set to off on login.
  • Change bind location if you become a murderer and you are bound in town.

First Aid:

  • Can no longer use Anatomy/First Aid when dead.
  • Line of sight correct for field dressing.

Housing & Merchants:

  • Merchant no longer creates items with 0 price.
  • House autokicker will no longer kick pets of people allowed inside.
  • Remove from sale fixed.
  • Issue unpacking packed items has been resolved.


  • Alchemist now trains Alchemy.
  • Trainers now train you up to 10.
  • Added engraving tool to general merchant.
  • Backpacks now have the red/grey names (opening a normal characters looted backpack will flag you).
  • Removed hell guards from the game.
  • Moved it so that clicking on a chair unseats you.
  • Benches and chairs now prevent you from sitting there if someone else is.
  • Fixed being able to drop objects on monsters.
  • Added sfx for cure and poison
  • Poison spell tooltip updated.
  • Weight issue caused by stacks due to crafting resolved
  • Fix dropping items into packs saying ‘overweight’.
  • Disabled treasure map markers on the minimap.
  • Made objects inside the pouch the same size as the backpack.
  • Zombies removed from the graveyard.
  • Evil Dead Mages no longer bugged.
  • Price updates for houses and other towns to meet new gold levels.
  • Fixed camera clipping plane on Founders so planet is visible.
  • Fixed fly camera to match main cameras.Removed all transparency colliders for all houses.

Test Server

  • Give all recipes on testserver.
  • Add showxp command to debug xp gains.

Previous hotfix applied midweek:

  • Recipe Adjustments.
  • Broadcasts now also goes to the chat window.
  • Fix trainers to train you skills upto 10 skill.
  • Alchemy recipes now start at 10 skill.
  • Healing, Stamina & Mana potions recipes adjusted.
  • Fix for salvage values.
  • Iron ingots from scraps recipe fixed and available.
  • Fix for packs being displayed as ‘overweight’.
  • Zombies have been removed from the Graveyard.
  • Evil Dead Mage monster no longer freezes.
  • Who command temporarily disabled due to latency issues.