Guild wars is part of our team’s larger effort to give players more ways to participate in consensual PvP. The basic goal of the system is to allow guilds to directly war with each other without fear of guard intervention or karma loss.


The guild window has a new tab for guild wars. Here you can declare war on guilds, accept incoming war declarations, and check up on the progress of current wars. Guilds are allowed to have up to five outstanding declarations and/or wars at one time.


Only guild officers can declare war, accept declarations or surrender. War declarations can have a 24 hour, 7 day or 30 day duration. Guild officers also have 24 hours to respond to incoming war declarations. Once an incoming war declaration is accepted, the war begins! Guild members will see a “Guild War Icon” on enemy guild members. Currently, guild officers on either side can surrender and immediately end the war. If the target guild declines or ignores the incoming war declaration, the war will not begin.


*Future Additions*


This is just the initial implementation of the guild wars system. In the future, we would like to give guilds the ability to offer a war purse that would be distributed when members of the guild are killed by the enemy guild. We’d also like to add guild wars to the web killboard once we get that feature back online.


We also welcome your feedback on this system and are open to ideas for additional improvements.

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Key Features:


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