Studio Statement

We’d like to take the time to apologise for the teams lack of communication in recent months. In light of the ongoing pandemic, this period has been challenging for the team and no doubt for the community during such difficult times. The combination of typical pandemic pressures, lack of access to our studio, losing key members through illness and a desire to protect the wellbeing and health of our team, we have been forced to burn a little cooler and this has resulted in inevitable delays.


Point Release 11 has unfortunately suffered from such a delay. We would like to reassure and remind everyone that our work on Legends of Aria has continued to the greatest degree possible and that with the coming of the new year, we’ll be back to our typical rate of development with some new and very exciting developments to announce.


We wish everyone good health and a happy holidays. We look forward to sharing our news and painting a picture for the future of Legends of Aria going into 2021, but first, lets dive into the upcoming season: Celadorian New Year and our upcoming Server Transfer availability between Crimson Sea and Ethereal Moon.



Season 7: Celadorian New Year arrives on December 14th! This upcoming season will take place throughout the Misty Caverns within the Southern Rim region and will feature a variety of new dynamic spawn events for players to engage with. This season will run for a full 60 days, and will give everyone an opportunity to earn the new PVE Masquerade mask, and the new Demon PVP mask. In addition, we’re also excited to announce the availability of Crimson Sea transfers with this release! 

New Dynamic Spawns

With the arrival of the new year, a fresh wave of foes begins to stake their claim across the lands of Celador. Within the Misty Caverns, players will be tasked with fighting back the growing golem resistance. Throughout the rest of the world, players will earn credit for killing creatures and bosses at dynamic spawn events.



This Season’s Chaos Zone will be located in The Misty Caverns.


New Monthly Rewards

This Season’s rewards will feature two new masks for players to earn for their new year’s celebrations. For the PVE reward, players can earn the new Masquerade mask.



For the PVP reward, players can earn the new Demon mask. 


New Crimson Sea Transfers

We’re excited to announce that Crimson Sea players will now be able to transfer their characters and homes to Ethereal Moon! Before confirming a transfer, be sure you pack up your land plots. To do this, open the mailbox on your plot, and under the Manage tab you’ll see a Pack Plot option. 


Once your plot is packed, you can then begin the transfer process. After confirming to transfer your character, you’ll be automatically logged off the Crimson Sea server. Wait about 10 minutes, and your character should show up in the Ethereal Moon character list. 


If you transferred over your house, you’ll see the Item Storage Management button in the top right corner of your UI. Open this to review the options for placing your house. 



Don’t see your transferred character on Ethereal Moon?

If your Ethereal Moon character list is already full, then the character you just tried to transfer will be moved back to Crimson Sea. Free up a character slot on Ethereal Moon, and then attempt the transfer process again. 


If you have an available character slot, and still haven’t seen your transferred character after an hour, reach out to our support team at [email protected] or through an in-game help report. 

What Are Seasons

New to Legends of Aria? Seasons deliver fresh monthly content and rewards that can be accessed by opening the sundial icon on the menu bar. By completing PVE and PVP challenges, you can earn up to three tiers of PVE and PVP rewards with each new monthly Season. 


Overall, Seasons are designed to reward players for participating in all aspects of the game regardless of their chosen play style. It also allows our team to test new game mechanics and provide consistent content to our players. We’re excited to continue sharing these new experiences every month, and hope you enjoy Season 7, available on December 14th!


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