Hotfix 12-14-20

  • Fixed some PVE seasonal quests rewarding players with PVP tokens.
  • Fixed not being able to transfer characters that had no stored plot.
  • Fixed an issue where “They Do, In the Woods.” was not giving credit for killing some bear types.

Season 7: Celadorian New Year

  • This season invites players to revisit all the points of interest around New Celador as we welcome in a new year. Killing minions and bosses at dynamic spawn events will earn players credit toward the seasonal rewards.
  • Rewards:
    • PVE – Masquerade “Tulgoth” Mask
    • PVP – Demon “Magarok” Mask
  • Added indicator below minimap to show when a player is in a “Chaos Zone”
  • Chaos Zone for this season is; The Misty Caverns.
    • Added new dynamic spawn event inside The Misty Caverns.

Crimson Sea Transfers

  • Added the ability to transfer Crimson Sea characters and plots to Ethereal Moon.
    • Look for the Transfer to Ethereal Moon button in the top right corner of your UI.
    • Plots must be packed before beginning the transfer process. 
    • Transferred characters may take up to 10 minutes to show up in the Ethereal Moon character list.
  • For Crimson Sea players only: Added a Pack Plot option in the mailbox menu, this will automatically pack your plot, house, and all locked down objects. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where plots with multiple houses were causing friends and co-owners to be kicked when logging into a house.
  • Fixed issue where non-valid items were being listed on merchant sales ledgers.