Hotfix 10-21-20

  • Fixed issue where profession bonuses were not being calculated correctly for crafting speeds.
  • Revealing another player in a Chaos Zone should no longer flag the revealer as criminal.
  • Players are now dismounted before being teleported into an arena match.
  • Mage quest 4.5 “The Catacombs” no longer requires the player to kill a “Greater Void Shadow”. Instead players are required to find a “Crimped Note” which are located in rooms that the Greater Void Shadow spawns in.

Season 6: Toil and Trouble

  • Spooky Cauldrons can be found throughout the region of West Valusia.  Interacting with these cauldrons has a chance to cause a hostile witch to spawn or for the player to receive a unique potion;
    • Unstable Concoction: Target a location to throw the potion and cause 50 damage to all enemies in a 3 meter radius (shares global potion cooldown).
    • Coven Treats: Target a location to throw the potion and cause treats to appear in a 3 yard radius (can spawn rare treats).
  • Season length has been extended to 60 days to allow players additional time to earn rewards.
  • PVE and PVP rewards feature an Ivory and Ebony Skeletal Steed mount.


PvP Adjustments

  • Sorcery damage no longer interrupts spell casting.
  • Mage Armor prestige ability now casts instantly.
  • Players with the “On the Run” criminal debuff will now be teleported off plots after a 5 second countdown, banning them from that plot for the duration of their “On the Run timer”.
  • Rapid Escape Scrolls have been added and can be used to quickly escape a dangerous situation.
    • Cost 10,000 gold.
    • Cast time set to 0.5 seconds.
    • 45 minute cooldown between uses.
    • Added “Escape Locations” to entrances of all dungeons and to the Gatekeepers in each region.
    • Cannot be used in Chaos Zones/Arenas or while under the effects of “On the Run”.
  • Added “Reveal” as a sixth circle spell to reveal all objects within a radius of the caster.
    • 6th circle spell, requires Lemon Grass and Moss to cast.
    • Added to the inscription table, requires 1 ancient scroll, 2 Lemon Grass, and 2 Moss to craft.
    • Requires “Line of Sight” to successfully reveal players/objects.
    • Rules for revealing hidden players:
      • Will reveal any player who the caster is in an active conflict with.
      • Will reveal any player that is a criminal.


If the caster is flagged to not criminal protect, will reveal all players. Revealing a player that is A) not in conflict or  B) not is currently a criminal will cause the caster to gain criminal status upon revealing an innocent player.


Arena Changes

    • The Summer 2020 Arena Season has ended. 
      • Speak to the Arena Master in Pyros to claim any award for your placement. Only those that placed in the top 10 for each bracket (1v1, 2v2, and 3v3) have been rewarded.
    • The Arena Master dialog option for “What is my ranking?” will now open an interface that quickly shows your ranking in each bracket. 
      • Clicking on a bracket will show you the player rankings for all players that have participated in ranked matches for that bracket.
      • Clicking on the “Match History” button will show you your ranked/unranked matches and statistics for the currently selected bracket.


  • The match-making system has been adjusted to always match participants with opponents that are close to their ELO ranking. This will allow players to compete with opponents of similar skill set and allow players to climb the rankings.


    • This will cause players to possibly be matched with the same opponent multiple games in a row, but as those matches progress and the ELO rankings diverge both players will be matched with new opponents of similar skill.


Other Fixes

  • Fixed issue where players were able to benefit from profession traits even after reducing their skill below the trait requirements. Players must maintain the skill at an appropriate level to benefit from the traits it provides.