Season IV: The Shifting Sands

  • 4 types of portals can spawn in The Flat Wilds (Chaos Zone) and The Withering Sands.
    • Weak Portal – Spawns Lizardman 
    • Flickering  Portal – Spawns Beetles 
    • Steady Portal – Spawns Serpents 
    • Enduring Portal – Spawn Dragonkin 
  • Each portal features a unique boss that scales in both difficulty and reward based on the number of players present.
  • Added new Gilded Beetle Mount and Bloodstone Beetle Mount as seasonal rewards for PVE and PVP content. 

Premium Subscription

  • Added new Stone mailbox for Premium Subscribers with a 12 month account age.
  • Added new Fancy mailbox for Premium Subscribers with a 24 month account age.
  • Customize your mailbox from the Decorate tab on the Plot Control window.