PvP Adjustments

  • Sorcery damage no longer interrupts spell casting.
  • Mage Armor prestige ability now casts instantly.
  • Players with the “On the Run” criminal debuff will now be teleported off plots after a 5 second countdown, banning them from that plot for the duration of their “On the Run timer”.
  • Escape scrolls have been revamped
    • Price increased to 10,000 gold.
    • Reduced cast time to 0.5 seconds.
    • 45 minute cooldown between uses.
    • Added “Escape Locations” to entrance of all dungeons and to the Gatekeepers in each region.
    • Cannot be used in Chaos Zones/Arenas or while under the effects of “On the Run”.
  • Added “Reveal” as a sixth circle spell to reveal all objects within a radius of the caster.
    • 6th circle spell, requires Lemon Grass and Moss to cast.
    • Added to the inscription table, requires 1 fine scroll, 2 Lemon Grass, and 2 Moss to craft.
    • Requires “Line of Sight” to successfully reveal players/objects.
    • Rules for revealing hidden players;
      • Will reveal any player who the caster is in an active conflict with.
      • Will reveal any player that is a criminal.

If the caster is flagged to not criminal protect, will reveal all players. Revealing a player that is A) not in conflict or  B) not is currently a criminal will cause the caster to gain criminal status upon revealing an innocent player.