Hotfix Notes 8-7-20


Combat Updates

  • Fixed issue where armor reduced agility too much in some situations.
  • NPC silence abilities have had their durations significantly reduced.


Arena Updates

  • Wards cast during an arena match are now removed when the match ends.
  • Players are no longer able to use the “stuck” command to exit the Pyro’s Arena grounds.
  • Player prestige ability cooldowns are reset when they complete a ranked arena match.


Misc. Updates

  • Fixed issue where players were sometimes able to bandage targets that were out of sight.
  • Fixed display issue with Tundra themed houses when placing North, East, or West.


Hotfix Notes 7-28-20


Crafting Updates

  • Fixed issue where some item types crafted by “Scroll of the Artificer” were producing the same set over and over.
  • Fixed issue where items that had a 100% chance to be craftable were not always showing as trivial in the crafting window.
  • Lockboxes with only the key inside can be added to crafting orders without having to remove the key.
  • Mana regen, stamina regen, and health regen effects have been added to armor crafted by artificers or dropped by the enhanced loot system. They range from levels 1 to 5. (ie. Health Regen I, II, III, IV, V)


Combat Updates

  • Animal tamers and bards now gain an evasion bonus, based on their skill level, if they have a crook (tamer) or instrument (bard) equipped.


Misc. Updates

  • Crafting recipes can now be filtered in the Grand Bazaar.
  • Added inscription and alchemy resources to the “Resources” category on the Grand Bazaar.
  • Icharis’s Tear has had its enchants adjusted for future drops.


Hotfix Notes 7-23-20


Combat Updates

  • Echo Beam can now be interrupted by effects that stop spell casting (ie. stun, daze).
  • Player pets will now hit at least 50% of the time when attacking other players.
  • Blocking an attack will now show the attack as *blocked* and play a sound. Blocked attacks will no longer interrupt spell casting.


PVE Updates

  • Barren Lands cultists upgraded to new AI and enhanced loot drops.
  • Pirate’s Grotto has been updated with new AI and enhanced loot. The pirates have begun to venture out of the grotto.
  • Deception dungeon spawns have been revamped and all monsters in Deception moved to the new AI with enhanced loot drops.
  • All dynamic spawn events have had their monsters upgraded to the new AI and now drop enhanced loot.


Campfire Updates

  • Campfires are created by using “kindling” found on the ground.
  • Campfire buff tooltip updated to inform players they can listen to bard to restore vitality.
  • Players must stay within 5 meters of the bard and be listening to gain the vitality regeneration effect.
  • When the campfire is extinguished it will decay after 5 seconds and end any vitality effects.
  • Campfires last 3 minutes and the creator of the fire can “Put Out” to extinguish it early.
  • Players or monsters who enter combat mode around the campfire will cause it to automatically extinguish.


Hearth Updates

  • Players must stay within 10 meters of a hearth to keep the vitality regeneration effect provided by listening to a bard.
  • Hearth will now apply a buff to players that informs players, in the tooltip, that they can listen to a bard to restore vitality.


Misc. Updates

  • Added 24 month Lich Familiar reward to Premium Subscription.


Hotfix Notes 7-17-20

Dungeon Lore

  • A new Tome Collection is available: The Dungeons of Celador!
  • Journey into the Dungeons of Contempt, Corruption, Deception, Ruin; each with different sources or necessities than the first batch of lore. Don’t expect to just see books and letters this time.


“Celadorian Historian” Title

  • The two Elder Mages recently introduced in the Valus Mage Tower, Didacus and Ismeria, are now offering to accredit your historical discoveries! Show them a completed Catalog to earn a new title, the “Celadorian Historian”. 
  • Be aware that you can only hold this title while your Accredited Catalog is entirely completed, so you will have to re-earn it as new tomebook topics are introduced in the future.


General Lore

  • Empty Tomebooks on bookshelves should no longer show any number on their spines.
  • Removing Tomebooks from bookshelves is now restricted to Plot Owners specifically instead of Non-Strangers.


Other Fixes

  • Mounted players should be properly seated on normal and armored horse saddles.
  • Awakening Ghosts in Frozen Tundra should no longer drop Meat.
  • Fighter profession quest 2.5 (The Dead Rise) should now correctly track Lich kills in Ruin.
  • Fixed performance issues with bookshelves on player plots.


Hotfix Notes 7-16-20

Arena Fixes

  • Fixed issue where delayed spell hits were sometimes causing arena participants to turn criminal.
  • Arena match time limit reduced from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Players who die in the arena will now be resurrected after 10 seconds instead of 4. Their corpse is unlootable during the resurrection timer.
  • Fixed issue where some non-combatants could enter Pyro’s Landing arena area.


Dungeon Changes

  • Corruption dungeon spawns have been revamped and moved to the new AI with enhanced loot drops.
  • Contempt dungeon spawns have been revamped and moved to the new AI with enhanced loot drops.
  • Deception Soon


Other Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing players and mobs to freeze while in large groups and while running through player housing.
  • Players will now get looting rights for enemies they have dealt 20% or 2,000 damage to.
  • Using a Scroll of the Artificer now provides a visual effect, sound, and alert to players. 
  • Fixed issue where some monsters were invulnerable after being engaged.
  • A player releasing from their corpse in a chaos zone will no longer cause looting their corpse to be a criminal action.
  • The amount of vitality that bards self regenerate is now based on their Musicianship skill:
    • <10 Musicianship skill will regenerate 0.0 vitality per second.
    • 10-19 Musicianship skill will regenerate 0.1 vitality per second.
    • 20-29 Musicianship skill will regenerate 0.2 vitality per second.
    • 30-39 Musicianship skill will regenerate 0.3 vitality per second.
    • 40-49 Musicianship skill will regenerate 0.4 vitality per second.
    • 50-59 Musicianship skill will regenerate 0.5 vitality per second.
    • 60-69 Musicianship skill will regenerate 0.6 vitality per second.
    • 70-79 Musicianship skill will regenerate 0.7 vitality per second.
    • 80-89 Musicianship skill will regenerate 0.8 vitality per second.
    • 90-99 Musicianship skill will regenerate 0.9 vitality per second.
    • 100 Musicianship skill will regenerate 1.0 vitality per second.


Hotfix Notes 7-15-20

New Bazaar Features

  • Many filters have been sorted to be ordered alphabetically.
  • Enchants are now listed across 3 rows to improve formatting.
  • Armor can now be filtered by “Armor Type”
  • Weapons can now be filtered by “Weapon Type”
    • Physical damage weapons allow you to sub-filter by “Weapon Damage”
    • Mage weapons allow you to sub-filter by “Attunement Level”
  • Runebooks will now appear in the bazaar search results if the user directly filters to them;
    • [Category] Books → [Book Type] Runebooks
  • Tome books have their own filter under the “Book” category.
  • Furniture can now be filtered by “Furniture Type”
  • Resources can now be filtered by “Resource Type”
  • Scrolls can now be filtered by “Spell Difficulty”


Hotfix Notes 7-13-20

Combat Changes

  • Players will no longer generate threat for healing themselves.
  • Sunder and Silence now cause the target to become immune to the same effect for 12 seconds after ending.
  • Bloodlust no longer has a 10 minute timer but will instead stay active unless the player changes regions or dies. Players can also turn Bloodlust off by casting it while active.

Quality of Life Changes

  • House co-owners can now use the “split stack” option for stacked items on plots.
  • The commands /lockdown, /release, and /kick can now be used by house co-owners.
  • House co-owners can now empty, gather, and water raised beds on the house plot.
  • The militia merchant in Belhaven will now allow players to purchase items with militia talents.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missing map markers for Fighter profession quests 3.3 and 3.10.
  • Removed the “Blessed” tooltip on empty tomebooks.
  • Lore Bookstands and Bookshelves recipes can now be received from Crafting Orders.
  • Fighter profession tooltip should no longer show that “Healing” skill is required. 
  • All militia items can be used/equipped by any player.
  • Fixed issue where bard quests would sometimes not allow the player to complete them.
  • Artificer scrolls should return max number of item enchants.
  • Mage power from Magic Affinity at GM increased from 20 to 25.

Hotfix Notes 7-10-20

Arena Changes

  • The arena in Pyros now allows players to queue for matches and will automatically match queued teams.
  • Ranked arena matches will only be run during specific time frames, the first of which will happen during the arena portion of the Celadorian New Year Festival held this Sunday, July 13th 2020 at 3pm EST for Crimson Sea and 8pm EST for Ethereal Moon.
  • We encourage players to help us test this feature and provide feedback before the event on Sunday!

Other Fixes

  • Added guiding tooltips and system messages to Catalog and Bookshelves.
  • Lowered “Can’t remove tomebook” timer from 5 seconds to 0.8 seconds.
  • Bookshelves now let you put empty Tomebooks in them.
  • You can now click empty slots on bookshelves which gives an object selector. 
  • Tomebook names consistently update when removed from bookshelves.
  • One of Asper’s tomes has been moved into the Chef’s house.
  • Strangers cannot put their Catalogs onto a locked down Bookstand.
  • Catalog window now updates when recording entries if the window is open.
  • Fixed interactable lore objects not spawning in Ruin. 
  • Fixed Bard Prestige icons not displaying.

Hotfix Notes 7-9-20

  • Executioner scrolls can no longer be applied to artifacts.
  • Fixed an issue with Ice Wyverns not spawning in Frozen Tundra. 
  • Fixed invisible doors, merchant stalls, and items in Frozen Tundra and Valus.
  • Tamer profession 3.5 now correctly informs the player to tame an “Arctic Wolf”.
  • Updated overhead names for NPCs.

Hotfix Notes 7-8-20

  • Fixed an issue where interactive lore objects were not properly spawning. 
  • Fixed additional issues for players not receiving their Magery skill level. 
  • Adjusted Chaos Zone in Ruin to extend throughout the entire dungeon.

Hotfix Notes 7-8-20

  • Gatekeepers should now send players to Pyros Landing instead of Frozen Tundra when selected.
  • All tracked skills have been wiped, players will need to re-add them. If your tracked skills still remain, please try relogging a second time. 
  • Fixed an issue where some players cannot interact with NPCs. 
  • Fixed an issue where some players did not receive their Magery skill level, even though they previously had Manifestation/Evocation. 
  • Fixed an issue with some players not being able to start profession quests. 
  • Fixed an issue where Master Lumberjack quests could not be started by talking to the Carpenter or selected from the Professions window. 

Patch Notes 7-8-20

The Frozen Tundra 

  • Gain access to the Frozen Tundra using teleport towers or a bridge located in the northern reaches of Eastern Frontier.
  • Explore the various points of interest within the Frozen Tundra, including:
    • Valdheim Ruins
    • Hot Springs
    • Ancient City
    • The Frozen Path
    • The Vald
    • Everfrost
    • Everfrost Caverns
    • Lake Everfrost
    • Grave Lake
    • Fjolla
    • Asper Village
  • Added new enemies with updated AI including Kobolds, Ice Skeletons, Barbarians, Drones, Yetis, and more. 
  • Added new exclusive artifacts. 

New Awakening & Dynamic Spawns

  • Dynamic spawn encounters can be found at the following locations:
    • Hot Springs
    • Grave Lake
    • Everfrost Caverns
  • A new awakening has been added within the Frozen Tundra.
    • Venture to the coliseum in the Ancient City and test your might against the Champion of Azura.

Season 3: Uncharted Territory

  • Explore the Frozen Tundra to earn unique housing decorations rewards.
    • PVE Rewards: Earn either a Stag or Bear Wall Trophy.
    • PVP Rewards: Earn either a Prowler or Ice Wyvern Wall Trophy.
  • Added Chaos Zone challenges in Ruin
    • Ruin has been revamped with the advanced AI and new monsters await adventurers.


New Profession Quests

  • Profession quests for journeyman, master, and grandmaster have been added for the following profession types:
    • Bard
    • Tamer
    • Miner
    • Lumberjack
    • Fisher
    • Scribe
    • Chef

New Crafting Sets

  • Over a dozen new enchants have been added to items that can be crafted when using a “Scroll of the Artificer”. Some newly available enchants include:
    • Sunder
    • Silence
    • Fire
    • Ice
    • Lightning
  • Hundreds of new item sets are now discoverable.

Enhanced Item Drops

  • Enhanced Item drops have begun to be deployed and can be found in:
    • Frozen Tundra
    • Ruin
    • Awakening Bosses
    • World Bosses
    • Fishing Chests , Dungeon Chests & Treasure Chests
  • The number of enchants and their values are based on the difficulty of the monster that drops them.
  • Enchanted Item drops feature the new enchants added to Crafting Sets.

The Lore of Celador

  • NPC dialogue has been overhauled across New Celador to present small pieces of major pivotal events in New Celador’s history. 
  • By carrying the new Catalog item, players can record important knowledge they learn from NPC dialogue, picking up books and letters around the world, or even by defeating new and old adversaries!
  • A new decorative Ornate Bookshelf is now available to be crafted in a flat or an angled variation. This provides functionality for placing and organizing Tomebooks that a player has transcribed from their Catalog, but can be used as any other decorative house piece, too.
  • If collecting is not a player’s main goal, the information can also be sold, but be mindful that Lore Entries can only be recorded once per character, not per Catalog.

Tundra League Quests

  • The Leagues of Celador have been updated with new items and titles.
  • League currency cap increased to 48,000.
  • League item cost and currency rewarded have been increased. 

Tundra Housing

  • Housing in Frozen Tundra will be disabled at launch to allow players time to familiarize themselves with the new region and scout out potential housing locations.
  • Housing will be opened in a “Land Rush” format that will be announced at a later date and allow maximum player participation.

Aggro Adjustments

  • Adjustments have been made to aggro generation for healers and bards.
    • Healing a player will cause the healer to generate aggro on all enemies the healed player is in combat with at a 3:1 ratio. (ie. Healing 300 hit points will generate 100 aggro.)
    • Bard Song of Water, Song of Earth, and Song of Thew will now generate aggro on all enemies that affected players are in combat with. Aggro generated is based on the regeneration rate of the song.
  • Bard songs and heals will now correctly place players on the aggro list for enemies that distribute loot at the end of a fight (Awakening bosses and World bosses).
  • Monsters using the advanced AI will no longer reset their aggro when a target dies or becomes invalid, as long as another valid target is within range of their starting location.
  • The leash range (how far a monster will chase you) has been increased for many enemies.

New Tamables

  • New tamables have been added in the Frozen Tundra. Many are balanced to fill skill gain and power vacuums that existed in current tamables.
    • Polar Bear
    • Arctic Wolf
    • Arctic Howler (rare)
    • Seal
    • Snow Hare
    • Snow Leopard
    • Prowler (rare)
    • Walrus
    • Ice Wyvern (rare)
    • Werecrab

Hybrid Template Rebalancing

  • Evocation and Manifestation have been merged into a single skill “Magery”.
  • If a player had Manifestation or Evocation previously, the higher of the two will be set as their Magery skill. The lower of the two skills will be issued as a Magery Soulstone.
  • Fighter and Mage Professions now only require 3 skills, removing Healing and Magical Attunement respectively.

New Profession Traits

  • Added Traits for new professions, which will award bonuses for completing their respective quest tiers.
  • Cooking 
    • Journeyman: 50% bonus to food effects.
    • Master: 75% bonus to food effects.
    • Grandmaster: 100% bonus to food effects.
  • Alchemy 
    • Journeyman: 10% bonus to potion effects.
    • Master: 30% bonus to potion effects.
    • Grandmaster: 50% bonus to potion effects.
  • Inscription
    • Journeyman: 30% reduction in scroll cast penalty, 2% damage bonus to scrolls.
    • Master: 60% reduction in scroll cast penalty, 4% damage bonus to scrolls.
    • Grandmaster: 100% reduction in scroll cast penalty, 8% damage bonus to scrolls.
  • Lumberjacking
    • Journeyman: 5% increase to slashing/lancing damage.
    • Master: 10% increase to slashing/lancing damage.
    • Grandmaster: 15% increase to slashing/lancing damage.
  • Mining
    • Journeyman: 5% increase to bashing/piercing damage.
    • Master: 10% increase to bashing/piercing damage.
    • Grandmaster: 15% increase to bashing/piercing damage.
  • Fishing
    • Journeyman: 5% increase to archery damage.
    • Master: 10% increase to archery damage.
    • Grandmaster: 15% increase to archery damage.

New Prestige Abilities

  • Bard Journeyman abilities
    • Trickster’s Footing: Removes movement penalty when playing an instrument. [Passive]
    • Trickster’s Psalm: Songs can be played to 50% effectiveness without an instrument equipped.  [Passive]
  • Bard Master abilities
    • Resounding Echoes: Removes and prevents movement impairing effects for 10 seconds. (5 minute cooldown)
    • Resounding Drums: Removes and prevents bleed, mortal strike, and poison effects for 10 seconds. (5 minute cooldown)
  • Bard Grandmaster abilities
    • Yurin’s Lullaby: Puts target to sleep for 10 seconds. Any damage taken will wake the target. (5 minute cooldown)
    • Azura’s Blessing: Instantly resurrects, a recently deceased, target to full health and mana. (20 minute cooldown)
  • Tamer Journeyman abilities
    • Nature’s Focus: All pets gain 50% increase movement speed for 10 seconds. (3 minute cooldown)
    • Nature’s Grace: All pets are immune to stun and mortal strike. (Passive)
  • Tamer Master abilities
    • Primal Rage: All pets gain 50% increased damage for 10 seconds. (5 minute cooldown)
    • Primal Fury: All pets take 50% less physical and magical damage for 10 seconds. (3 minute cooldown)
  • Tamer Grandmaster abilities
    • Fauna’s Rest: All pets are restored to full health and become invulnerable for 5 seconds. (5 minute cooldown)

Vitality Revamp

  • Players can regain vitality by listening to a Bard play music at an inn. Right click a bard and select “Listen to Music”
  • Vitality will now provide a boost to base player stats (Health, Mana, Stamina) depending on how much vitality the player has remaining.
    • 76-100% Vitality provides 10% bonus to base stat pools.
    • 51-75% Vitality provides 5% bonus to base stat pools.
    • 25-50% Vitality provides 2% bonus to base stat pools.
    • 0-24% Vitality provides no bonus.
  • Bards will now gain vitality while they are playing (Q) their instrument.

Classic Content Revamp

  • Revamped Catacombs to make it 5-man friendly. 
  • Adjusted Ent awakening to be accessible to 5-man groups.
  • Adjusted Dragon awakening to be accessible to 5-man groups.
  • Added Master/Grandmaster bard book to Ent and Cultist awakening bosses.

Other Fixes & Enhancements

  • New Login Screen & Title track “Cold Serenity”.
  • Dungeon Chests now drop Execution Scrolls, Enchanted Loot and Treasure Maps.
  • Dungeon Chest spawn significantly increased
  • Sorcerer pets will no longer target group members unless both the sorcerer and group member are consenting to hostilities.
  • Sorcerer beam now correctly requires line of sight to hit targets.
  • Sorcerer Wisp Armor will now only trigger its cooldown if wisps are consumed.
  • Objects can no longer be placed outside the bounds of a plot. 
  • Fixed issue with Bard songs and riddles, this will require players to re-create any hotbar song/riddle assignments.
  • On The Run duration reduced to 5 minutes and players with “On The Run” cannot teleport between regions.
  • Fixed issue where players and NPCs could get stuck while completing the Colossal Misha event. 
  • Fixed Founders Masks not displaying properly as a mask over armor. 
  • Randomly generated enchanted gear will now only apply enchants that are non-restricted for the item being enchanted.
  • Riddle of Havoc and Riddle of Force have had their cooldowns adjusted to 5 seconds and their damage bonus adjusted to 30%.
  • Fixed issue with SOS drop rates from fishing. Increased drop rates for all SOS map levels.
  • Bows now receive the 2-handed accuracy bonus.
  • Fixed issues where healing a pet would sometimes cause the healer to pull aggro from the pet.
  • Execute now has a base hit chance of 25% or the player’s weapon skill, whichever is higher. The player will also see a message when Execute misses the target.
  • Healing and damage spells cast from scrolls now have a minimum amount of damaging/healing they apply.
  • All crafted scrolls have had their weight reduced from 1.0 to 0.1. Blank, frayed, fine, and ancient scrolls are all the same weight.
  • Spell power can no longer be generated on crafted melee weapons.
  • Added map marker for Rogue Messenger on Rogue profession quest 3.3.
  • Spell Power from items capped at 10.