Hello citizens of Celador! 


Admin-SCAN from the HOPE Society PVE server here to tell you about another exciting development we have added to our community server.  Starting for the month of October, we have just released our 3rd new custom class and I am very excited to tell you all about our new class, the Warlock!



How does it play?


The Warlock is HOPE Society’s new full-featured pet class and comes equipped with an awesome toolkit!  


When playing as a Warlock you will be able to summon defensive minions such as Warg Hounds and a Daemon to guard your location.  You can curse your enemy’s minds, reducing speed, stats, and damaging them over time. You also can summon a fully controllable Familiar to help defend you and engage in combat based on your commands.  Lastly, you will be equipped with powerful buffs that help you regenerate mana and health over time!


Get an introduction to how our new Warlock class plays by watching this video:


When did it arrive?

We launched our Warlock class September 26th and in the few short days has been an overwhelming success among our player base.  As the sole admin, owner and operator of the server I would like to personally invite you to come try the experience of HOPE Society and one of our custom classes such as: 

  • The Warlock
  • The Pyromancer
  • The Druid

What makes HOPE Society PVE unique?

Our server is populated with very friendly players and we have really developed an inviting, cooperative culture on our server.  HOPE Society is a great place to make friends, talk strategy, and team up some challenging adventures!  Additionally, we have one of the most expansive crafting systems across the Legends of Aria network.  So, if crafting is your favorite thing, I can guarantee there are so many new and fun things to craft, sell, trade and build on HOPE Society.  Ultimately, you can play your way with our 1,000-point skill cap which permits up to 10-Grandmaster abilities or you can mix and match whatever you like best!  Lastly, never fight over loot again.  On HOPE Society, when you team up with your friends for Dungeons and Raids, all contributing members will receive their own fully-packed loot box with our group loot system.

While HOPE Society is an exclusive PVE (Player vs. Environment) server, it goes without saying our world is still very dangerous with custom enemy factions, increased dungeon difficulty, and more than 50 added discoverable locations.  When exploring the wilderness, it’s always best to have your guard up!

Come take a look at our world by visiting our website: https://www.hopesocietyloa.com


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