Greetings Celadorians!


We are excited to announce the conclusion of the Summer 2020 Arena season on October 9th, 2020.  We saw a lot of players participating this season and our team monitored the arena matches closely to help us to focus in on balance issues between different player builds. This blog will focus on the rewards we have planned for the first arena season and the direction we will be taking for the Fall 2020 Season.  But first, we have some stats to share for Summer 2020. 


Summer 2020 Arena Stats

We’ve seen over 700 ranked arena matches played. Below are the current highest ranking players. This is subject to change, as we still have 3 weeks left to go in the Summer 2020 season. 


  • Highest 1v1 Ranking:
    • BurntToast [ Ethereal Moon ]
    • ChusterLoL [ Crimson Sea ]
  • Highest 2v2 Ranking:
    • WizardBoys24 [ Ethereal Moon ]
    • ChusterLoL [ Crimson Sea ]
  • Highest 3v3 Ranking:
    • teteu1980 [ Ethereal Moon ]
    • Alo [ Crimson Sea ]


Additionally, you can find an infographic below that shows the number of matches played on each server and how many players fell into each ELO bracket (by 100s).



Rewards for Summer 2020 Season

What is the point of besting your opponents in the arena if you cannot show off your prowess everywhere you go?  For those players that are ranked in 1st in each of the arena brackets (ie. 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3) a unique Crimson Champions Warhorse mount will be awarded to showcase your rank.



In addition to the mounts, each player that places in the top 10 for each bracket will receive a champions statuette which will feature their name, ELO rating, and placement for the 2020 Summer Arena season.  These can be prominently featured in player homes.



Reflecting on the Summer 2020 Season

We’re excited that the first season of arenas was so successful and well received by our playerbase. Not only from those that participated in the arena matches but also to the numerous players who showed up to watch either in-person or via Twitch. 


The observations we made and data we gathered from this season is being used to drive much of the changes that will be introduced in the second season, including:


  • Mage survivability
  • Improved visibility for player rankings
  • Scheduling future arena seasons


One of the big discussions that came out of this season was the need for mages to have their toolkit completely revisited and to ensure they have the spells and abilities they need to be viable in next season. This will be accomplished with Point Release 11 and will seek to address mobility and survivability issues that mages currently suffer from.


Another issue we want to resolve with the next season is to provide players with more tools for viewing and comparing their arena ratings with other players. The next season will feature a “Leaderboard” style interface that will allow players to quickly see their rankings compared to their peers and also showcase those players who have climbed to the top of the pile.


Lastly, we do realize this season lasted fairly long.  Each season moving forward will be quarterly, this allows all players enough time to compete even if they aren’t able to be on during each arena session. With that in mind we want to announce the end of the 2020 Summer Season on October 9th, 2020 and the beginning of the 2020 Fall Season on October 16th, 2020 and ending December 18th, 2020.


We’ll see you in the arena!

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