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Dark Sorcery is launching April 2nd as citizens of Celador prepare for the coming of the Monolith and its untapped power. This DLC brings a new dungeon, new items and gear, new crafting schematics and two new skills: Summoning and Sorcery.



“Does Sorcery function similarly to Manifestation or Evocation?” On the contrary, Sorcery is a unique skill and operates very differently to conventional magics. Summoning allows players to harness the energy of the Echo Shard, unleashed from within the Monolith by Jianna the Red. Master Summoners harness this power as an ancient magic, distilling its essence down into wisps which can be seen circling the wielder.



To harness the power of the Echo Shard, sorcerers will need an Orb. Orbs allow a summoner to summon a total of 4 wisps via their E ability every 6 seconds. This is a Sorcerers ammunition – all Sorcery spells share a 0.5 second cooldown and consume 1 or more wisps per cast.



Though the Orb allows the sorcerer to channel great powers it also exacts a terrible price.  When the sorcerer is wielding an orb they are unable to be healed by any outside source during and for a short duration after it’s wielding.


(Balancing is ongoing and these details may be subject to change.)


Here is a sneak peak at some Sorcery abilities coming on April 2nd:


Summon: Wisp Chaser


Consumes a wisp to summon a Wisp Chaser to fight alongside the sorcerer for 20 seconds. Only six Wisp Chasers can be summoned at any given time. Wisp Chasers are typically weak creatures individually, but serve as a great tool for soaking damage and are deadly in numbers when used to overwhelm enemies.



Summon: Construct


Consumes 2 wisps to summon a Construct to fight alongside the sorcerer for 40 seconds. Only two constructs can be summoned at any given time. Constructs afford the caster a more long lasting and substantial tanking summon.





Consumes a wisp to summon a ball of echo energy that falls at the targeted location dealing AoE damage, based on sorcery skill, within a 3 meter radius.



Echo Beam (6 second cooldown)


Consumes a wisp and projects an echo beam in the direction the sorcerer is facing. Enemies that stand in the beam take increased damage the longer they are in it. The sorcerer’s movement speed is significantly reduced while casting Echo Beam.



Wisp Armor


Consumes a wisp and transforms it into a shield that absorbs a fixed amount of damage per shield. A maximum of 4 shields can be summoned.



Prepare for the Monolith


The Monolith is a new, exclusive dungeon included in the Dark Sorcery. It features new monsters, 5 new minibosses, 1 final encounter, and 3 levels of handcrafted dungeon for players to explore.



Our approach to the Monolith marks a massive change in how we design monster encounters. We’ve been working on levelling up our AI for our upcoming Point Release 10 and Dark Sorcery served as the perfect opportunity to begin showcasing what we’ve been working on.



It has long been our desire to require greater organization of our players in making more meaningful and difficult monsters encounters. Monsters inside the Monolith exhibit an advanced artificial intelligence. Groups of enemies will focus targets collectively and heal and support one another, demanding players tackle them in the most efficient ways possible.



The first floor features 3 unique bosses, The Master of Studies, the Shard Construct and The Conductor, each exhibiting a number of unique encounter mechanics which players will need to master should they wish to come out victorious.



Each encounter represents an opportunity to gain new items, Echo Shards and Echo Schematics. 


Explore the Monolith and More This Weekend!


After many rounds of internal playtesting, we’re ready to hear your feedback! For those who have pre ordered the DLC, join us on the Experimental Server this weekend to explore the Monolith and harness the power of the new Sorcery and Summoning abilities. We’ll also be engaging in some essential PvP testing and welcome your feedback.


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