Since we promised all of our Founders level backers (75$+) a playtest before the end of the year, we will be hosting a special playtest event this Saturday, December 20th, 2pm EST. We will be emailing everyone the download link and their temporary access code on Friday.

We will also be including a survey link in that email. Please complete the survey after the event. This is where we will be collecting your feedback, suggestions and bugs.

While you are waiting for the event, you can look at our game guide and community driven wiki.

If you are a Founder and you do not receive the download email by Saturday morning please contact us.

Please remember that this is a special event. In order to participate in future playtests, you will need to accept the invitation to the Pre-alpha Playtester Program. We will be sending out the invites to that program once Amazon payments has successfully processed everyone.