Greetings, adventurers!


Let’s try this again! We’ve been hard at work on a new and improved method of bringing all US players together on a single server. We will be bringing these changes to you tomorrow, November 14th, to test. 


We have a thorough guide available here to help you with testing and the upcoming transition.


As long as no major issues arise during testing, the new server will go live on Friday, November 15th and the new housing schedule is as follows:


Saturday, November 16

12pm Eastern – Black Forest Housing Opens [View Zone]

4pm Eastern – Southern Rim Housing Opens [View Zone]

8pm Eastern – Southern Hills Housing Opens [View Zone]


Sunday, November 17

12pm Eastern – Barren Lands Housing Opens [View Zone]

4pm Eastern – Eastern Frontier Housing Opens [View Zone]

8pm Eastern – Upper Plains Housing Opens [View Zone]

Discover a world forged by players, where your choices write the story. What role will you play?


Key Features:


    • A Living, Breathing MMORPG: Explore a true open world without limitation. Build, explore and adventure with thousands of players in a living breathing world defined by you.
    • Skill-Based World: Legends of Aria returns to a true skill based system. Build your character your way, be you a crafter, adventurer, merchant or humble fisherman. Hone your skills through use and play your way with a choice of over 32 unique skills.
    • Return to a True Sandbox: Legends of Aria is inspired by the original sandbox MMORPGs. Experience a world that does not hold your hand. A world that is driven by you and shaped by our community. A world of dangers, where friendships, enemies made and your actions written into legend.
    • Community Servers and Modding: The first MMORPG to fully support player run servers. Legends of Aria is designed to be modded from top to bottom including custom gameplay rules, custom content and even entirely custom created worlds.