We’ve all been there. You find a game that you love, you’re blasting through quests until sunrise, and then it happens – as if from the depths of hell they appear. An incapable, slow, frustratingly delicate NPC that you have to escort to safety. Escort missions sound simple in theory – walk someone from point A to point B without allowing them to die. No big deal! However, the reality of the situation is that these characters are programed to find trouble, run into the middle of it, and shriek in a corner until you eliminate all threats. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if the character was another player?


Ha! Nope.


One of our Crimson Sea players, Chrysti, is hosting an Escort Mission event on March 23 at 8pm GMT. Protect her, keep her alive, and rack up enough points to come out victorious! She’s definitely going to be getting herself into trouble, and you have to keep her safe while besting your competition. You can work together or alone, and all are welcome – Red, Orange Blue, it doesn’t matter!


Chrysti also released the route in advance, so you can make plans in an attempt to gain the upper hand.


  1. Eldeir top of the mountain path at Misty Caverns area (start)
  2. Misty Cavern
  3. Crossroads
  4. Gazers
  5. Giant Beetles
  6. Deception
  7. Oasis City

You can learn more about the event – including the prize, how a winner is crowned, and even check out a map of Chrysti’s route – in her forum post here.

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