Greetings, adventurers!


As you all know, we’ve been working to expand our Ambassador program. Legends of Aria Ambassadors are streamers who have shown a dedication to Legends of Aria, both in their work and as active parts of the community. With that in mind, we are thrilled to introduce to you the first of our new Ambassadors: Zaffageek!


Watch Zaffageek on Twitch


Where to start? Have been playing games since wolf3d, Monkey Island 2 was my first owned game back in the day. A somewhat crass, and honest gamer. My first ever MMO was UO, and I never could scratch that UO itch, until LoA that is. Ever since backing LoA I have been mainly busy in the background, randomly playing on my crafter, until the steam release.


You will find me and my guild [HiC] on Crimson Sea (thats the best ping for me) and you can find me doing guild shenanigans on So hop on to my channel, if you are new or an experienced player, I am here for all your LoA needs, and if I cant help you, someone in chat most likely will.


Hope to see you all in Celador! and may the beard smile upon thee!

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