Greetings Adventurers,


Development is in progress for Legends of Aria’s next major update, Point Release 11! In this blog, we’ll be covering our goals for this release, with future installments detailing development updates as they unfold. Here’s what we’re focusing on for PR11:


  • Releasing the final official landmass in Celador, the Outlands
  • New Necromancy skills and abilities
  • New Heirloom skill items


Overall, our aim with this release is to offer more depth, customisation and an improved gameplay experience for our players to engage with.


World Building: The Outlands



Long ago, the traveling miners of Celador discovered a strange glowing material deep within the mines of The Outlands.  A mining accident in the shafts cut off the miners from the outside, and they were presumed dead by the townsfolk. Weeks later the miners emerged from the wreckage, bearing pieces of the mysterious ore which possessed powerful healing properties that sustained the miners throughout their ordeal. A rush to harvest the material commenced, but the power of the ore was greater than any could have known…


The gates to the Outlands have remained closed ever since. In this harsh environment, players will finally learn what has been hidden away for so long.



In the Outlands, you’ll be exploring an arid land tainted by a strange power, and scarred by those who would attempt to harness it. In this treacherous, rocky desert, your survival skills will be pushed to their limits as you uncover a long forgotten power. Whether you’ll be able to control that power is up to you.


Game Design: New Abilities, Playstyles, and More


Pet Abilities

While we have a large selection of pets for players to choose from, there is a lack of diversity in how these pets enable players to engage in PVE and PVP content. In the Outlands, we are introducing a new Pet Ability system to Legends of Aria.


Each pet will have new active or passive abilities offering different pet types unique roles in combat . Our goal is to reward players for using the right pet in the right conditions, while also allowing for further experimentation with pet mechanics and play style combinations. 


As always, this will be paired with a review of pet damage output and taming difficulty in response to feedback and balance concerns.



The Outlands will bring a new set of skills that allow players to practice the lost arts of Necromancy.  Necromancers will be required to walk a fine line between life and death with their health pool being their primary resource for using abilities summoning undead minions.



Heirloom Items

Heirloom items grow with their use, eventually bestowing knowledge and expertise and allowing players to reach fabled and heroic levels of skill. When wielding an Heirloom and engaging in a skill at the Grandmaster level, the Heirloom item will begin to gain skill points up to 20, adding to the players total skill level beyond the traditional 600 point cap. 


Magery Revamp

For the Outlands, we’ll be releasing a long anticipated update to the allotment of spells for the Magery skill. This will involve a comprehensive review of all magery spells, balance tweaks and the addition of much needed spells.


Stay Tuned for More


We’re incredibly excited to build off of the success and learnings that we gained from The Frozen Tundra to deliver more immersive environments and experiences in the Outlands. Plus, with all of the new character progression being designed, players will be able to experience Aria in more engaging and rewarding ways. 


The Outlands is currently scheduled for release in November 2020. Stay tuned for future development updates in the weeks ahead, and keep an eye on the Legends of Aria Development Board to stay connected with our progress. 

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