Greetings Celadorians, 


Season 5: The Raging Undergrowth arrives on September 10th! This upcoming season will take place in the Black Forest and will feature new dynamic encounters where players are tasked with culling the Tree Lord population. Here’s what’s coming in this update:


New Dynamic Encounters


Tree Lord Saplings have begun to spring up all around the Black Forest.  The Mages Order of Valus have raised the alarm that if left unchecked, these saplings will mature into full grown Tree Lords and cause a population boom that would threaten the land and livelihoods of all Celadorians who rely on the forest. The most dangerous of areas will be Nosca Grove, which is this month’s Chaos Zone.


Lucky these saplings can be easily dispatched with the use of a torch.  The Mage Order assures all Celadorians that the process is very humane and that those who engage in this service shouldn’t need to worry about the Tree Lords retaliating… at all.



New Monthly Rewards


Complete a variety of PVP and PVE challenges in the Black Forest this month to earn an exclusive Tribal Mask. Additionally, players will be rewarded with precise maps for the Misha’s Rest and Medeina’s Rest encounters as well as rare potions that will provide a boon to both tamers and pack rats.



What Are Seasons?


New to Legends of Aria? Seasons deliver fresh monthly content and rewards that can be accessed by opening the sundial icon  on the menu bar. By completing PVE and PVP challenges, you can earn up to three tiers of PVE and PVP rewards with each new monthly Season. 


Overall, Seasons are designed to reward players for participating in all aspects of the game regardless of their chosen play style. It also allows our team to test new game mechanics and provide consistent content to our players. We’re excited to continue sharing these new experiences every month, and hope you enjoy Season 5, available on September 10th!


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