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Greetings from Verdant Earth!


NITE is the longest running guild on Verdant Earth that was formed during closed beta and carried over to live once early access began. Since then we have explored all parts of the game, from PvP to awakenings and catacombs. Where others have faltered and fallen we continue to thrive!


NITE began as a late night guild, but we have members spread throughout all hours now. We are a blue guild and a mix of about everything. We have PvPers who now represent the Fire God. We also have a strong PvE force who frequently does awakenings as well as catacombs.


Our members are new and old, our entire philosophy is focused around making sure everyone enjoys the game and can experience anything they wish to in game. Be it you’re a vet looking for a group to faction or awakening with or it is your first day stepping foot in Celador you are welcome to join us! Stop by and say hello, even if you have no intention of becoming one of us we welcome you to chat and hang out!



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