We are testing our patch for the week, and if it all goes well, we’ll be ready to invite guilds very soon. But…but…but what if you don’t have a guild? What if you just want to convert that one friend who would totally love Legends of Aria if only they could try it?


Good news. It’s Bring A Friend Week.


All you have to do to get a one week trial key is…email me at sweathers at citadelstudios.net.


What do I ask in return?

  • Patience. We are patching this week, with some major fixes to combat and loot. Make sure your friend understands, this is a closed beta and things are changing every week. Also, with the server wipe coming next month, the population is low. Most people don’t want to invest much in a character that will literally cease to exist in a matter of days. This is a chance to play and do crazy stuff just for fun.
  • Feedback. I need to hear from people who haven’t played before. I want to hear about the interface, the learning curve, the difference between the first day and the seventh day.


What should you keep in mind?

  • When the trial key expires, players can convert their account to a Founder’s Pack and continue to play, as well as get access to the Head Start week. (After we wipe, everyone who invested in the game’s development gets a week to play and get a start on saving up for that house deed.) During the Head Start week, sales will be closed.
  • The trial key does not expire, but I strongly recommend using it in June. If your friend waits to use it until the day before the wipe, and doesn’t convert to a Founder’s Pack before that wipe, they won’t be able to finish the trial.
  • I will fulfill all requests as soon as possible, but I’m an army of one here, and it may take a day or two 🙂
  • If your friend decides to convert to a paying account, please have them use the referral code on your dashboard.


If you are your own friend — if you just want to try it yourself, not because you have a friend playing, well, welcome to you! We hope all of you love Legends of Aria.