Greetings Travelers!


The final content patch for Alpha 2 went live today. Along with all of the great new features, we also have introduced a solution for the stuttering some people were experiencing with the Alpha 2 client. Let’s take a closer look a the features added in this patch!


Trial Codes Reactivated!

Since this patch greatly improves client performance, we have re-activated all expired trial codes for this weekend. This allows us to collect feedback on the new client for those of you who had trouble running it before.


There is also no better time to give Legends of Aria another try. This is the third content patch since the initial release and we have added a ton of new stuff since the initial Alpha 2 launch. Get in the game and let us know what you think!


New Prestige Classes


The Field Mage and Gladiator prestige classes open up new and exciting abilities for warriors and mages. The trainers can be found in town and now all prestige scrolls are obtained through our new Awakening System.


Awakening System


We are introducing our brand new Awakening System, a multi-tiered encounter system that gets progressively harder, ending with a final boss encounter. Defeating this boss is now the only way to get the rare prestige scrolls.


Dungeon Perilous


Lying at the heart of Lake Tethys, Dungeon Perilious features new monsters and a new final boss.


Hiding & Stealth


Two new skills, Hiding and Stealth, allow you to master the art of the shadows. This is just the beginning of the return of rogue skills to Aria!



Your pledges are what makes Legends of Aria possible. We can’t thank you enough for your support! Don’t forget, this Alpha 2 testing period ends on June 19th. If you want to play this alpha, you need to pledge soon!