It’s been a little while since I addressed the community so I’d like to take this opportunity to greet you all once again and let you in on what’s been happening.


This week we are running the Relics of the Ancients event! The aim of this event is to bring players together for epics monster hunts and to give a unique opportunity for players to earn some exclusive Power Hour Potions and a rare unique item!



This event will also coincide with our first Early Access sale as Digital Editions of Legends of Aria will be available from 19.99 for this weekend only. We hope this can be an opportunity for you to bring family and friends or for those sitting on the fence to take that long awaited jump into the living & breathing world of Aria.


In addition to these events, we bring you our third point release. Our point releases are focused at bringing you frequent bug fixes, balance tweaks and quality of life improvements. Point Release 3 has a plethora of combat tweaks made in response to player feedback and in bringing some forgotten weapon types more into the fray. Slower weapons have received a sizeable damage increase, bows have become quicker and strength has been given far greater weight in our combat mechanics (in addition to allowing you to carry much more weight too!). We’ve implemented our Friends System, allowing players to keep in contact with those they meet on their travels, including the ability to share private messages with each other.


You can find the full notes here:



That wraps up what’s happening this weekend, but everyone here at the team is even more excited about the coming months and the recent additions to our team. We’re growing rapidly and our recent hiring period is going to accelerate our capabilities in, well almost all important aspects of our operation. We’ve made three fantastic hires to our team; a team coordinator and two game designers who will be starting work next week on bringing into fruition content and features which have been just out of reach. We’re also wrapping up our hiring on an additional systems programmer to contribute to tools and maintenance of our live service, and our search is almost over for a sorely needed community manager. We’ll be introducing these hires to you in due course once the paperwork has been finalised.


We’re accelerating towards the Frozen Tundra content patch and the day will soon arrive where we get to share the details with the community. We’ve a wealth of features in this patch from new lands, creatures and encounters, to the introduction of the long awaited Bard and the introduction of our Mythic armor and weapons. Until then, we can share some developments we’ve been making which we hope to deliver to you in intervening point releases.


Many players will have experienced frustration with our monster artificial intelligence; none more so than us as we squash AI bugs only for more to spring up elsewhere. We’re happy to announce that our Gameplay Lead Kade is putting some finishing touches to an entirely new AI system which is a game changer in how our monsters perceive, think and move in Legends of Aria (in addition to solving any legacy AI bugs in one fell swoop). This new AI system coincides with our desire to bring a much more tactical aspect to PvE encounters and allow monsters to deploy an arsenal of abilities and manoeuvres which truly test our players.


Another welcomed addition to our development pipeline which is entering it’s final stages is a substantial round of client optimisations which we anticipate will bring some substantial improvements to our gameplay experience on a range of machines. We are hoping to push this at least some of these optimisations in our next point release.


There’s much more we can talk about and discuss, but we must hold our tongue a little longer. We can’t wait to start the Relic of the Ancients event and we’re all set to have a blast this weekend. We look forward to collecting Relic Fragments alongside you and we’ll see you at the Q&A!

Discover a world forged by players, where your choices write the story. What role will you play?


Key Features:


    • A Living, Breathing MMORPG: Explore a true open world without limitation. Build, explore and adventure with thousands of players in a living breathing world defined by you.
    • Skill-Based World: Legends of Aria returns to a true skill based system. Build your character your way, be you a crafter, adventurer, merchant or humble fisherman. Hone your skills through use and play your way with a choice of over 32 unique skills.
    • Return to a True Sandbox: Legends of Aria is inspired by the original sandbox MMORPGs. Experience a world that does not hold your hand. A world that is driven by you and shaped by our community. A world of dangers, where friendships, enemies made and your actions written into legend.
    • Community Servers and Modding: The first MMORPG to fully support player run servers. Legends of Aria is designed to be modded from top to bottom including custom gameplay rules, custom content and even entirely custom created worlds.