To celebrate the launch of Pre-Alpha 3, we will be hosting a live stream on, Saturday December 12th from 6pm to 8pm EST (11pm UTC). Members of the dev team will be playing on our main official server Azure Sky. We will also be doing a few interviews on the stream and discussing our plans for the Alpha 1 release.

Here are a few other important details about our launch:

“Alpha” level supporters get access: Of course, the most exciting thing about this launch is that we are opening the floodgates for our 40$ “Alpha” tier on Thursday December 10th. If you are an alpha level supporter, keep an eye on your email inboxes for more information. We will also be releasing a Kickstarter update to make sure everyone knows about this.

Temporary suspension of the NDA for the launch weekend: Supporters with access the game are welcome to stream live, post videos, and freely talk about the game and it’s current state of development. This is also a great time to help us get our official wiki up to date. The NDA will be lifted all day December 12th and 13th. We still plan to permanently lift the NDA some time during Pre-Alpha 3 and more details about that will be coming soon.

Earn Loyalty Reward Points: We are instituting official weekly focus times that will remain in effect for the duration of Pre-Alpha 3. If you log into an official server during these times you will earn 100 loyalty reward points that can be used during Alpha to get exclusive items. The first focus time will be during our live streamed launch event (see times above). Our weekly focus times will be posted in our calendar and also included in our monthly newsletters.

We are excited to show off our progress and get your feedback. See you in Celador!

The first batch of loyalty reward items