We would like to thank MMORPG.com for allowing us to take over their twitch channel for the entire weekend. The whole team got involved and we streamed over 18 hours of gameplay and interviews!

If you had a chance to participate in the event, we want your feedback. Please take this short survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/shardsevent

Here are some highlights from the weekend that you may have missed:

Supreem interviewed Bruce ‘Logrus’ Bonnick to get the details on all the systems planned for Shards Online. They discussed topics such as: Skills, Resource Gathering, Crafting, Housing, NPC Employment and much more!

Supreem interviewed Tim ‘Draconi’ Cotten about the lore and story of Shards Online. They also talked about the dynamic world, live events and how players can shape the world and story:

Supreem talked with designer Jim ‘Yosari’ Shea about the different layers of customization for player run servers in Shards Online:

We also have many other videos on our Youtube channel for you to share with your friends.

We couldn’t wrap up the preview weekend without giving you some quotes from our fans:

“…this is the game many of us have been waiting for.”

“After playing the playable demo this weekend and being a huge fan of UO, there’s no way I wasn’t going to help fund this game.”

“This game is showing a lot of promise. The first MMO I’ve been excited about since UO and Shadowbane. Thank you!”

“I’ve never seen such a solid Kickstart and such a dedicated team.”

“…it really was an amazing experience both playing Shards and getting involved with the discussions!”

“For a game in such an early state, this is a lot of fun.”

“Had an amazing time this weekend with the Shards team. Even for an early preview the game was very playable and familiar. The UO influence is very present, but with updated graphics and capabilities. I can’t wait to see how the game fills out in terms of design and content.”