Greetings adventurers!



I know we’ve been a bit quiet these past few weeks and it’s for good reason. We are brewing something BIG! On October 4th we are announcing our Steam Early Access and Final Wipe launch date with a bang!



Our new game trailer will usher in everything on the 4th and we will be firing up the first of two contests we have planned for the lead up to launch. Additionally, our NDA experimental testing starts at the top of the month. Let me tell you that October will be much juicier than you may have anticipated. It’s gonna be ‘yuge.



In addition to the new video, we will also be fielding interviews and Q&A sessions; updating blogs and websites; and generally ramping up for Early Access in November. Most of the information will cover the systems we are planning to include for the Steam release such as a major iteration of the Karma system that fixes problems from previous releases.



We will also be talking about our housing changes and how we will be separating land ownership from houses, which opens the door for other types of structures. In turn, opening the door for more elaborate player markets. We also want to discuss our shiny new PvE mission system to provide content to those that want a more guided experience.



All of that plus Champion spawns, revised loot tables and so much more!



Now, I know all this teasing is pushing some of you close to the edge. But fear not dear adventurers, your patience and loyalty will be rewarded, both figuratively and literally!



With gusto,





PS  If you are feeling verklempt, please ‘tawk amongst yourselves:

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