Thank you all so much for turning out to the 6XGM event last week! We had a BLAST, even if most of us did die horribly.


Just wanted to let you know, our concurrent player count peaked at 438. Thanks for being there! Everyone who logged in during the test for at least one hour — more than 700 of you! — will find 438 more loyalty points added to their account. (And if you want more, don’t forget – our next event is scheduled for August 30 at 2 PM EDT/7 PM UTC.)


By the way, we got our wires crossed here and it was totally my fault. I’d actually meant to take out the one hour requirement, but accidentally left it in the newsletter. Our subsequent messages were largely taken from the newsletter…except for the things *I* posted saying you just had to log in. We’ve decided to split the baby. The points will be reserved for those who logged in for the full hour, but everyone who logged in however briefly will get the promised exclusive hat. Thanks for being patient with us!

Speaking of the hat, the winning color combination was…#1, the red/green/blue. Look for that hat after launch, stress testers!