Hotfix 6-3-20

  • Shovels can now be used from the hotbar without needing to be equipped.
  • Players can no longer dig treasure immediately outside of towns. 
  • All seasonal tasks that require the player to dig have had their rewards doubled and their requirements halved.
  • Fixed issue where some seasonal quests were showing as completed and not properly resetting.
  • Seasonal quests should now correctly identify how many objectives are needed to finish the quest.
  • Fixed issue where inactive quests were still having their progress updated.

Release 6-1-20


Season II: Excavating Celador

  • Players are able to grab a shovel and dig anywhere in the Wilderness of New Celeador to uncover lost items and burrowed monsters. Once a player digs up something, they must move at least 10m away to dig again.
  • Earn “Tokens” by completing PVE oriented tasks and redeem unique rewards including Titan Statues and Feathered Gourdu Mask. 
  • Earn “Skulls” by completing PVP oriented tasks and redeem unique rewards including Titan Statues and Horned Gourdu Mask. 
  • The Black Grove region in Upper Plains has been designated as this month’s chaos zone.
    • Chaos Zones can be seen by opening up the region or world map.
    • Players will be given an audible and visual alert when they enter a chaos zone.


Bug Fixes

  • Male Mage Hat and Champion Plate Helm now hide the player’s hair.
  • Fixed issue where sorcerers could not heal themselves with potions.
  • Fixed issue that allowed Green Pepper seeds to be planted in any size container.