Hotfix 4-7-20

  • Sorcery buff should now persist through region changes and preserve any summoned wisps.
  • Fixed issue where some NPCs were attacking sorcerer summons in town.
  • Taunt now has a correct range limit of 12 yards.
  • Monolith energy gates on Levels 1 and 2 will now close 6 hours after being opened. 
    • When closed, Monolith gates spawn a portal so players can get back to the other side if they have already passed through the gate. 
  • “Strangers” (Not being a Friend, Groupmate, Guildmate, House Friend,  or House Co-Owner) will get kicked off a plot if they log-in inside a Stranger’s house.
  • Strangers will be kicked off a plot when exiting a Portal inside of a house (they can still portal out of a house). 
  • Homeowners can use ‘/kickstrangers’ command (which can be set to the hotbar with ‘/custom’) to remove all Strangers within their house.
  • Homeowners and Co-Owners can use the “Kick Strangers From House” button in the Plot or House menus under the ‘Manage’ tab to do the same things as ‘/kickstrangers’.