• The housing tax and auction system will be re-enabled on Monday (1/21) which means taxes will be taken out for the first time on Friday (1/25)
  • Tax warning dialog box added when land is claimed/resized and balance is low.
  • Tax warning dialog box appears on login when a plot’s tax balance is low.


  • Increased availability of Ethereal Bones and Vile Blood.
  • Added basic cloak to Fabrication.
  • Added new lighting decorations to Carpentry.
  • Resource quality is now a stronger determinant in the quality of crafted items. (Obsidian, Blightwood etc) offer a far higher chance.
  • Attack bonus from crafted weapons raised from 75% to 100%.
  • Accuracy bonus is now derived 100% from material quality.


  • High difficulty tameables have had their spawn timers and availability greatly increased (Wyvern, Huntress etc).
  • The Emperor Scorpion is now tameable and is an additional high end tameable.
  • Crabs have been re-balanced and replaced to allow the aforementioned high end tameables to serve as high end training.


  • Fixed default interactions for Allegiance members.
  • Pet murder penalty is now half as much as Player murder penalty.
  • Fixed Resurrecting Allegiance members by non-allegiance members.
  • Fixed situations where if a pet’s Karma was out of sync with their owner they wouldn’t behave like owner’s karma.
  • Fixed player/pet name color mismatches.
  • Fixed opposing Allegiance members needing to flag Order in certain situations.


  • Chain and Scale now have lower agility penalties and corresponding lower defense.
  • Monsters now choose more deadly spells.
  • Natural defense reduced from 45 to 35.
  • Light armor defense has been slightly reduced.
  • Heavy armor defense has been slightly increased.


  • Player Merchants may now be re-positioned.
  • Fixed an issue where hired merchants would stop you from getting escorts 
  • Plot land with items for sale or a merchant can no longer be resized down/relinquished.
  • Plots with active merchants cannot be transferred until merchants are removed.
  • Fixed issue where land could be released with locked down objects on it.
  • Fixed houses Co-Owners/Friends list not being cleared on plot transfer.


  • Pets with items in their pack (pack horses) can no longer be transferred.
  • Stable master will no longer accept pets with items in their pack.
  • Fixed stable master giving more pets than the player can handle.
  • Jewellery can now be damaged in combat.
  • Death’s drop rates have been adjusted.
  • Fixed graveyard ghoul spawn.
  • Fixed Order flag for Allegiance/Consenting Party Members.
  • Addressed situations where players are inadvertently flagged order.
  • Dead players can no longer gain prestige from group kills.
  • Fixed CO reward library table typo.
  • Reduced stack counts on material rewards.
  • Fix named spawn loot tables (Now drops furniture crates correctly).
  • Removed duplicate teleporters and doors in Catacombs.
  • Plot resize box will now automatically show when placing houses from blueprints.
  • Players will no longer end up in an impassable location when being removed from a plot.