In-game Store

  • The in-game store is initially going live with loyalty purchases only
  • Initial store inventory:
    • Soulstone (1200 Loyalty) – Allows for the storage of up to 100 skill points of any skill. The skill can only be retrieved on the same account that stored it. Retrieving the skill consumes the stone.
    • Decorative Harp (1000 Loyalty) – Plays a harp chord when you activate it.
    • Town Shields (250 Loyalty each) – These 4 shields bear the sigil of their respective towns: Eldeir Village, Valus, Pyros, and Helm. These are not blessed and can be lost in battle.

Dungeon Expansion

  • Deception, Ruin & Contempt have been extended to include a 2nd level.
  • Each dungeon has had received a graphical and environmental overhaul that matches the dungeon’s world location.
  • Second levels include new feature such as destructible traps, trap rooms, monster spawners and puzzles.
  • New Monsters, monster combat abilities and encounters.
  • Rare spawns in dungeons are now more common.


  • Auctions now take place at 1pm on Sundays. (EST for US, UTC for EU)
  • Merchants continue to sell items while a plot is foreclosed.
  • Merchants will now transfer to the winner of the auction.
  • Dead players can no longer bid on plot auctions.


  • Merchants will transfer to the new owner when a house is traded.
  • Manifestation Spell: Ward Evil (8th circle)
    • Summon a ward to alert you of evil in an area. Duration 10 minutes. Only one ward may be summoned per user.
  • Auto-stacking into containers should be working now.
  • Arrows now give their proper damage bonus, if any
  • Awakening boss now only distributes rewards to those who have sufficiently damaged it.
  • Awakening boss now distributes a maximum count of reward items.
  • Ghosts now teleport through doors instead of being able to open them.
  • Players now require Animal Lore of 80 or more to cast Resurrection on pets.
  • Bandaging a corpse cannot be done in combat, movement and other actions will break resurrecting with a bandage.
  • Bandage corpse resurrection success chance increased from 1/4 to 1/3.
  • Reduced the volume of birds in the login screen.
  • Catacombs guards are now Neutral guards.
  • Fixed housing region along southern rim/southern hills region line.
  • Bindstones can only be used by owners/co-owner/friends from within the plot. To allow others to bind, place it near the edge of the plot.
  • Bind location will fail to work if bindstone is moved too far from original bind location.
  • Hearthstone will no longer work when something is blocking the bound destination.
  • Fixed Bandage stock amount in Valus.
  • Animation added for bandaging a corpse.
  • Land deeds now look significantly different from the deed traded when trading a house.
  • Fixed a bug that cause certain assets to show “Missing Art”
  • Fixed collision in ruins throne room